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Customer Perception is Your Reality

There is no reality, there is only perceived reality… at least when it comes to customer perception. Their perception is YOUR reality.

Do YOU know your customers’ perception of you, your team, your company, your brand?

Have you used a 3rd party to survey loyalty and satisfaction? Or, is it solely your perception of their perception?

If it is, you could very well be the man in the picture.

Not convinced? Let me share an extremely personal story…

In college, I had a massive crush on an attractive, intelligent woman that for reasons unknown to me, was completely underwhelmed by my persona. Clearly, I had one perception of myself, and unfortunately, she had another. After sending in my “wing man” to do some 3rd party recon, I learned exactly what her perception of me was.

Ok, Brad Pitt is a stretch for any man, but I never thought of myself as “Midget Monkey Man” either.

Unfortunately, this type of scenario plays out every day in the supplier/customer relationship. To quote the W. Edwards Deming,

“In God We Trust, all others must bring data!”

Here are three keys to make sure you understand and can manage your customers’ perception of you and your brand.

  1. Use a third-party firm like Butler Street to conduct an NPS® survey. We’ll show you exactly what your customers think. Much like having a “wing man” doing recon, the customer is much more likely to be open and candid to a third party. Download a sample NPS® report

  2. Reach out via phone to each customer that responded to the survey. It will clearly differentiate your organization from a vast majority of companies who do nothing.

  3. Take action on the responses. Progressive improvement is better than postponed perfection. Work to mitigate perceived gaps in your service/delivery. Then regularly survey your customers (two times per year) to ensure you are moving things in the right direction.

At Butler Street, our Research Division specializes in both Net Promoter® Score and Voice of the Customer surveys. Learn more about your customers’ perception of your brand and participate in the 2018 Best of Print & Digital® Award.

Our 2018 Survey period is officially open!

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