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You could be in the dark regarding your future revenue

All too often when forecasting future revenue, assumptions are made about an existing base of business. Is there "churn" in your business? Do you measure this or assign a risk factor when forecasting your company's revenue?

Do the math!

In order to grow 15% annually with 90% year over year revenue retention, you need to actually grow 27.7%.

Barring a merger, acquisition or act of God, how will you ever achieve your forecast or grow plans? Churn has and will continue to plague the print industry for a wide array of reasons. Some we can control, others, well...

Short video: Improve Forecast Accuracy, Predict Future Revenue and Close More Deals

First things first, you need to come out of the dark and remove that grey cloud above your head and get a handle, a real solid handle on your base.

Maybe you have heard of it and haven't taken the step to get help predicting your future revenue. Net Promoter® Survey is the best predictor of continued use, customer LOYALTY, and future revenue.

Participate in the 2017 Best of Print and Digital survey and validate your forecasted revenue by first anchoring your existing base and know that your growth plan is built on solid ground.

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