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You're Either Growing or You're Dying

Everyone remembers the famous line from Tommy Boy as when Big Tom Callahan says:

"In auto parts, you're either growing or you're dying. There ain't no third direction."

It is the same in the print industry. Companies are either hot and growing or they are cold and dying. Which direction is your company going?

Unless you're taking a customer-driven approach, the odds of growth are not in your favor. Take a fresh, proven approach to capture your growth opportunity.

The Net Promoter® Score is the single most important number you need to know to grow. As reported by Bain and Co. research, "Industry NPS leaders outgrow competitors by a factor greater than 2 times." What does this mean?

This relationship to growth is the most impactful in industries where there are many players from which customers choose, the market is mature, and switching costs are low. Can you think of a more perfect match for Print Manufacturers and Distributors?

Ask any of the 2016 Best of Print & Digital participants. They will tell you that surveying their customers through this program and having real first-hand input gave them the opportunity to take action to replicate their success and remediate issues.

Register for the Best of Print and Digital to take a customer-driven approach, obtain your NPS, and build the foundation to grow your business before your competitors outgrow you.

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