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I shipped my pants...

"I shipped my pants" was perhaps the most viewed "explainer" video ever. If you are in the print industry, click on the link below, you'll find that this is best explainer video on how to take action for the good of your business... BTW, try not to ship your pants...

The Best of Print and Digital provides an easy way for all companies in the industry to achieve growth through capturing client feedback and using actionable insights to meet customer needs today, and in the future.

Key outcomes that companies that participate experience:

  • Increased EBITDA

  • Increased client retention

  • Clear client risk assessment

  • Cross selling opportunities

  • Leading indicator of future revenue

  • Development of referrals

  • Innovation opportunities

  • Data/analytics for strategic planning

  • Acquisition effectiveness

Companies that participated last year have already been able to leverage these benefits to improve their business. Visit our website to learn more about how the program works, view profiles of the companies that achieved the 2016 Award, and to take part in the program this year.

Registration is already open for the 2017 Best of Print and Digital. Sign up today to reserve your spot!

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