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Your Company vs. Best of Print & Digital™ Winner

Your team has worked hard. You've made the final presentation. It is now down to you and one other company.

Unfortunately, the other company is a 2016 Best of Print & Digital™ Award winner. Not good for you.

Your company does a fine job on the presentation and claims it can solve the customers problems and innovate, produce quality and deliver excellent customer service.

The customer asks you to substantiate your claim.

You say you can provide references. The customer says, "Anyone can provide 2-3 references."

The customer asks the same question of your competitor.

Unfortunately for you, the Best of Print & Digital™ Award winner can actually prove it! You see...we get paid to say how great our companies are, customers do not! Therefore, when your customers say you are great...guess what? You are! It's instant legitimacy. Your claim is substantiated by an independent, third party and one of the most recognized names in the printing industry!

And if you signed up and didn't qualify for the award? Well, now you know where you are weak, so that you may become strong!! How can that be bad?

Still have doubts? Watch as Mark Michelson interviews Drummond Press CEO, John Falconetti about what winning the 2016 Best of Print & Digital™ means to his company.

Learn more about the process and how to sign up for this year's survey - now open!

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