Protect Your Clients

Each year, you will lose 14% of your customers.

Satisfaction  Loyalty


~80% of customers that switch suppliers had recently rated themselves “satisfied” or “very satisfied”   HR Chally


Using Net Promoter Score as a foundation has transformed the way we manage our business.

John Falconetti, Chairman & CEO

Drummond Press

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Bill Gates


Of Course Your Customers are Satisfied.  But Are They Loyal?

In research conducted by HR Chally, 80% of customers who defected from their current supplier described themselves as satisfied or very satisfied!!!  How could that be?  So much for measuring...

Good Enough Simply Isn't Good Enough

If you want to predict the future, study the past.  The decade of the 70s saw the deterioration of American products and services; spreading from plastic toys, clothin and shoes to auto parts, steel and appliances.  Pain was felt by the closing or restructuring of many...

Infographic: Understanding Client Risk
Issue Brief: Recognizing Risk in Your Largest Clients