Net Promoter® Score   

Your Net Promoter® Score (NPS) is the single most leading indicator of your clients' loyalty to you.
What is the Net Promoter® Score question?

The NPS question is simple to ask and simple to answer.  It is designed to capture the entire customer experience.


Butler Street wants to make sure you receive Actionable Insights as a result of our survey.  For all packages above the Basic level, responses to 4 additional questions will provide valuable feedback, identify actionable insights, and capture testimonials.

Grow Your Business using NPS

Mike Jacoutot explains three key ways to grow your business utilizing the Net Promoter® Score.

SupplyLogic Success Story using NPS

Frank Olivieri, President of SupplyLogic discusses how he used the Net Promoter® Score to change his business model and ultimately achieve 100% client retention and double his revenue.