Get Your Growth Plan Net Promoter Score®

NPS is the #1 predictor of future growth.  It's the one statistic that gives you a complete picture of how your customers perceive your company.

A 2% improvement in loyalty is the same as a 10% improvement in operating profit.


You Don't Deserve a New Client

Why?  You don't deserve to sell a new customer until you can prove that you can keep the ones you have.  It is sad, but nearly two of three companies do not actively measure client retention!  And eight of 10 who do, do not regularly report on it to their employees...

You could be in the dark regarding your future revenue

All to often when forecasting future revenue, assumptions are made about an existing base of business.  Is there "churn" in your business?  Do you measure this or assign a risk factor when forecasting your company's revenue?  In order to...

Case Study: Drummond Press - Measuring Client Loyalty
Sample Survey Report

The NPS question is simple to ask and simple to answer.  It is designed to capture the entire customer experience.


Receive Actionable Insights as a result of our survey. Responses to 4 additional questions will provide valuable feedback, identify actionable insights, and capture testimonials.


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