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What is Net Promoter Score ?


The metric was developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix. It was introduced by Reichheld in his 2003 Harvard Business Review article "One Number You Need to Grow". Because NPS uses a standardized metric, it allows businesses to compare their results with industry competitors.

NPS® is the #1 predictor of future growth.

It's the one statistic that gives you a complete picture of how your customers perceive your company.

Simple to Ask and Simple to Answer

The NPS question is "How likely are you to refer [your company] to a friend or colleague?"  Simple to ask and quick to answer. All respondents are included in the report with the score computed by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.


Butler Street Research, leaders in client and talent development, conducts your survey and provides a comprehensive report. Receive Actionable Insights as a result of our survey. Responses to 4 additional questions will provide valuable feedback, identify actionable insights, and capture testimonials.

How likely are you to refer [company] to a friend or colleague?

% promoters - % detractors = NPS®

Butler Street's NPS® program gave us the opportunity to objectively measure and establish a loyalty benchmark - and through focused actions, improve our score by 23% this year. Because of this effort, we are posting industry-leading growth year over year.

We’ve always felt that we have unparalleled customer service, and the Best of Print & Digital® Survey has substantiated that. Because of this survey, we were able to identify multiple opportunities for growth and have a clear roadmap for continued success.”

 Our customers’ responses to this independent survey tell the story of their loyalty and satisfaction with our work, and are a testament of our commitment to them. That difference sets us apart from others in our industry and from companies outside of our industry as well

Customer Loyalty > Customer Satisfaction

A loyal customer is one who prefers your business over all of your competition. 

A satisfied customer means that you met their expectations. This doesn't mean they would choose you over another in the future.

NPS identifies your weaknesses in your ability to provide a frictionless customer experience as well as those customers who are satisfied and those who are loyal. NPS provides you the data and opportunity to turn satisfied customers into loyal customers - and leveraging  their positive referrals and testimonials to help grow your business.

A 2% improvement in loyalty is the same as a 10% improvement in operating profit.

So, What's A Good Score?

Each Industry has a benchmark score and this score can vary greatly from industry to industry. Butler Street Research understands these industry benchmarks, conducts your NPS survey according to best practices for accurate results, and provides valuable insights based on feedback received.  It is important to note that the most important benchmark is whether your NPS score is improving. The only number that’s good, is the one that’s better than your own score in the past. 

Best of Print & Digital® Award winners achieve and exceed the print industry NPS standard score.
What's most important to understand is what drives the score and how to consistently improve it to produce long-term customer success.
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