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Loyalty leaders outgrow industry competitors by over 200%.  Bain and Co.

According to a recent comprehensive survey conducted by NPS Benchmarks, customer-centric actions like establishing a NPS program and closing the loop can lead to an increase in retention by 5% and nearly a 3x ROI.


Three Best Practices That Drive Growth

Gone are the days where the sales person is the method used to communicate your product, service and its value to your potential customer.  Buyers used to have difficulty accessing information about your company and/or your detailed product material and therefore...

5 Strategies to Optimize Your Business

All indications are that 2016 will be a strong year for Mergers and Acquisitions. Last week, I had a chance to spend time with Investment Banker Mark Herbick. Mark defines Business Optimization as "the process of making a business as efficient, effective, and profitable as...

Sample Survey Report
Customer Lifetime Value Calculator (HBR)


We have grown our company by 120% in the last two years using NPS as the foundation.

Frank Oliveri, President & COO


Having this data, testimonials and the customer loyalty ratings really allows us to differentiate ourselves when meeting new clients and/or referrals.   Our competitors cannot say what we can. I would highly recommend this process.

Karie Ballway, Executive Vice President

Cooley Group


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