Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Responses to common questions are provided here for your convenience.
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Surveys are open now! Register here.

  • Upon registration, you will receive an onboarding packet with step-by-step instructions from Butler Street Research to prepare for the survey.

  • Surveys will be distributed weekly on a staggered schedule. Those that apply and supply necessary information by November 29th, upon qualification, will be included in the official announcement of annual winners.  Official close of annual award year is June 30th.

When is the survey open?

The 2022 Best of Print and Digital® Awards will be publicly announced the first week of February of 2022.

When will the 2022 awards be announced?

Once the results are analyzed and top scores identified, the participants will be notified in January, providing time to prepare marketing collateral, press releases, and other media methods for communicating your winning status to your marketplace. Those qualifying for the Best of Print and Digital® Award will be highlighted on this website and may be published in industry publications and other online channels.

How will I know if we win the award?

There is no harm in retouching your client base to see if you have improved since your last survey and, excitingly, you may qualify for the Best of Print and Digital® Award! Being able to apply the Best of Print and Digital® Award emblem to all of your marketing material will substantiate your excellence in the industry to your prospects and clients. Further, the follow-up questions shown in this sample report as a part of the Best of Print and Digital® survey process have been specifically designed to provide greater actionable insights and trends so that you can take immediate action and increase your customer loyalty.

What if I have already done a NPS® survey recently?

You can register for the program on this site and pay via credit card on our secure site.  

How do I submit payment/What payment methods are accepted?

The participation investment is for one year only. The Best of Print and Digital® awards will be determined annually. You will have the opportunity to participate again in future years and measure your success year over year.

If I participate in the program this year, will I need to pay again next year?

All packages will provide a full survey response data export file in Excel format (.xlxs).  

The ability to purchase an optional NPS® Results webinar with an Executive Summary of your results and recommended strategies for action. For more in-depth reporting, multiple awards for different company brands, contact us for pricing. 

What if I have different company brands or need help utilizing my results?

Butler Street Research is a third-party firm with a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement in place with every customer prior to receiving any data. All information that is necessary to conduct the survey and associated research is kept completely confidential.

I am concerned about sending you my client information. How is that protected?

No specific results will be shared. Award winners will be announced and everyone will know the companies that outperformed the industry. Individual results, scores, and comments will only be shared with you.

Will any other company or competitor see my results?