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Award Qualification Process 

How Award Winners were Selected

The Best of Print & Digital Program® Award Winners were identified as companies that have provided the highest service delivery to their customers over the last year. The program utilizes the Net Promoter Score© (NPS) methodology and is calculated by subtracting the % of Detractors (those who rated their likelihood to recommend a company with a 6 or below) from the % of Promoters (those rated them a 9 or a 10).


In order to qualify for the Award, companies must have received a minimum score of 40 as well as achieve other eligibility requirements such as percentage of customers surveyed and response rate.  Only the very top companies in the industry were able to achieve this distinct honor.


Eligibility & Privacy


To enter, Participants must register through this site.

Butler Street performs survey research on behalf of our Customers. Butler Street does not sell, share, or distribute any personally identifiable information without your consent, or as required by law. 

The mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement may be signed electronically and will automatically be routed for signature by Butler Street.

Non-Disclosure Agreement





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