Whether you are an account representative, a regional manager, a vice president of sales, or the company owner, this is the nightmare that creeps into the back of your mind every so often.  ​​ Here’s how the story plays out: They’ve been with you for years.  Your sales representative is tight with the Key Decision Maker.   They let you use their logo on your web site.  The account is highly profitable and makes up a significant portion of your revenue.  They score highly on your satisfaction s...

Here are three keys to make sure you understand and can manage your customers’ perception of you and your brand. 1. Use a third-party firm like Butler Street to conduct an NPS® survey.  We’ll show you exactly what your customers think.  Much like having a “wing man” doing recon, the customer is much more likely to be open and candid to a third party.  2. Reach out via phone to each customer that responded to the survey. It will clearly differentiate your organization from a vast majority of comp...

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August 14, 2018

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February 1, 2019

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