If customer rates you a “6” or below on a Net Promoter Score® survey, they are considered a Detractor.  Detractors are likely speaking negatively about your company.  They may be actively looking to leave, but the good news is that they haven’t yet, and now you know.  It is a best practice to follow-up with any Detractors (those that rate the company a 6 or below) promptly (recommended within 24 hours).  Butler Street sends electronic notifications for detractors as the responses come in, prior...

This happened to one of our clients recently.  Through our Best of Print and Digital® program, we provide Net Promoter Score® surveys to printing companies, giving them an objective measurement of how their customers feel about them overall – true visibility to their customer loyalty scores.  In a recent survey, one client received a response that we call “A Coachable Moment”:

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