Whether you are an account representative, a regional manager, a vice president of sales, or the company owner, this is the nightmare that creeps into the back of your mind every so often.  ​​ Here’s how the story plays out: They’ve been with you for years.  Your sales representative is tight with the Key Decision Maker.   They let you use their logo on your web site.  The account is highly profitable and makes up a significant portion of your revenue.  They score highly on your satisfaction s...

So here's the test. See if you can answer these questions. If you can, then you have vision and you can grow. If you cannot, just understand that while there is plenty of money to be made in living with the status quo, there is also great risk. Seven questions to help guide your company’s vision:

In our experience, those that do generally achieve higher growth, enjoy more profitable business, and have a lower risk of account defection.  When we ask companies that don’t measure loyalty whether or not their customers are at risk, invariably the answer falls into one of these three categories:

This happened to one of our clients recently.  Through our Best of Print and Digital® program, we provide Net Promoter Score® surveys to printing companies, giving them an objective measurement of how their customers feel about them overall – true visibility to their customer loyalty scores.  In a recent survey, one client received a response that we call “A Coachable Moment”:

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