2018 Award Winner


Modern Litho

We take pride in investing in state-of-the-art capabilities, equipment, and systems to increase efficiency, accelerate delivery times, and print with superior quality. The most important thing to us is to provide you with an exceptional experience and product. The Modern Litho Companies, including Modern Litho (Jefferson City and St. Louis, MO) and Brown Printing (Jefferson City, MO) proudly serve local, regional and national clientele in several market niches. Our clients trust us to produce their work with the highest level of quality, attention to detail, and personal service. While we successfully serve many markets ranging from automotive to education, we have a high degree of expertise and experience in the printing and distribution of publications and variable data campaigns. We make every effort to stay current within our client’s industries to better understand the challenges and best practices they face in marketing to their audiences.

Darrell Moore
For eight decades, both local and national companies seeking excellence in commercial and digital print have trusted Modern Litho for their communication and marketing needs.